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Responsible Nation's Index

In the last few years, the world has undergone seismic shifts, and COVID-19 has given us an opportunity to revisit our priorities and the need for global inter-generational planning. We cannot continue to operate in silos anymore. We need to focus on policies and actions that lead to international peace, prosperity, and sustainability. The Responsible Nations’ Index is being developed after discussions with various stakeholders globally and aims to focus on policies and actions that further our goals of liveability and sustainability. The objective of the index is to rank nations on their responsible behaviour as we encourage the nations to transform and become more responsible.

Hum Bharatiya: A Global Dialogue Series

The World Intellectual Foundation proudly presents “Hum Bharatiya,” a pioneering global dialogue series with the theme “Bharatiya Voices, Global Impact.” As a non-partisan and sector-agnostic think tank, our mission is to cultivate an inclusive ecosystem that unites diverse stakeholders in pursuit of societal advancement. Our inaugural edition, held on March 17, 2024, at the esteemed India International Centre in New Delhi, marked the beginning of a transformative conversation. “Hum Bharatiya” is a platform where bold ideas meet pragmatic solutions, where innovation intersects with tradition, and where voices from every corner of the globe converge for the collective benefit of society. Through this series, we aim to delve into a myriad of policy issues spanning history, civilization, governance, international relations, food security, and developmental landscapes. Our approach is dynamic and holistic, catalysing policy initiatives with research-driven insights and actionable recommendations. Together, let us explore the intersection of Bharatiya wisdom and global impact, fostering collaboration and understanding across borders for a better tomorrow.

Developed India Mission

India is at a point in time where every minute and every Indian matters for India’s future. We have an aspirational population with an average age below 30 years – what we have often referred to as a demographic dividend, but this is only a demographic opportunity. There are many upsides to the India story, and at the same time, there are cliffs, which we need to be careful about, or else we may be in for a free fall.  We need to consider a few facts to understand the urgency behind the ‘narrow window of opportunity’ India has. The next twenty-five years will be the last opportunity for India to become a developed country. Now the time has come to create an action plan for achieving this time-critical goal.

सेवा परमो धर्म

WIF has undertaken an ambitious project of documenting the socio-economic impact of the large body of work – undertaken by socio-cultural and faith-based organisations in critical development sectors and humanitarian domains in India. This project is a first-of-its-kind scientific exercise and will kick off by documenting and organising the information of more than 2 lakh projects spread across transformative realms of diverse organisations. Sewa has been institutionalised by Bharatiyas and has aided in creating some of the largest volunteer-based public service cadres; that have been working in various development and humanitarian areas for decades. The insights we gather shall not only be available in the public domain, instead, they shall be heralded through the corridors of media—both printed and digital. Our overarching goal is to present Sewa as India’s unique model of humanitarianism, demonstrating its profound impact on society. Moreover, we are dedicated to bringing Sewa into public consciousness as an economic accelerator, showcasing its potential to drive economic growth and foster social well-being.

The World in Conversation

India is a land of a plethora of rich cultures but the exoticness of distinct cultures from across the world is yet to be surfed on the waves of our curiosity. The World In Conversation- The High Tea program is a series of events and part of the project “What the World teaches us”. It’s an effort to exchange the uniqueness and heterogeneity of our culture, heritage, and practices, and bring countries’ eccentric sides to the table. The unique forum is a first of its kind for Culture Exchange and to promote the richness of every nation for better understanding. The High Tea has been built around three thematic areas: A reflection of the country on its Heritage & Values, its Contribution and Message to the world, and a Conversation about the places to visit in that particular country. We believe this forum will enable the dissemination of the rich heritage and values across the globe. Through this distinctive effort, we sincerely hope that these conversations will lead to deeper knowledge and offer insight for the global audience on understanding the countries.

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