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World Intellectual Foundation, established in January 2021, is a global, non-partisan and sector-agnostic think tank that aims to create an ecosystem that brings together diverse stakeholders with large-canvas thinking for the collective benefit of society. The objective of the Foundation is to encourage and assist individuals, organisations, and governments in implementing research-driven ideas that are bold, innovative, and pragmatic. Our approach is to ignite policy initiatives with dynamic, all-encompassing recommendations that can be implemented.

Our Approach

We engage all the possible stakeholders relevant to the project while our in-depth research is supplemented by empirical data collection and statistical analysis. We have also provided reports to government agencies in various states, some of which have taken the recommendations contained therein to implement sector-specific policy interventions. Our country offers the world, a behaviour-based movement that draws from our nation’s rich, ancient sustainable traditions to nudge the governments to adopt planet friendly policies. This ties closely with Bharatiya ethos of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam: One Earth, One Family, One Future’. We at World Intellectual Foundation are striving to further these causes through dialogue, debate and policy interventions.

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Rahatul Jannah
Rahatul JannahIntern
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The five months have been a fantastic learning experience for me, and I've thoroughly loved working closely with WIF team. Thank you for always willing to provide a helping hand when I need it. Thank you very much for providing me with this fantastic opportunity. For me, you are an inspiration.
Mr. K.J. Alphons
Mr. K.J. AlphonsMember of the Indian Parliament and former Union Minister
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I am amazed by the work which the Foundation does to make the world happier. India’s philosophy, ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ – we are all one, that the problems of the world, of others, are my problems because the other is me – I think that’s the basic belief of this Foundation, so to get people to work together, governments, organizations, to work together to make the world better. I hope what happens in this place gets converted into action by governments across the world so that the world becomes a much happier place.
Pakhi Goel
Pakhi GoelIntern
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I had an incredible experience during my research internship at WIF. The project I worked upon, was both challenging and engaging, providing a fantastic opportunity to apply and expand my skills. The team was welcoming and supportive, always ready to offer guidance and encouragement. This internship has been an invaluable part of my academic and professional growth. I feel more confident in my abilities and am excited to apply what I've learned to future endeavors. I highly recommend this internship to anyone looking to deepen their knowledge and gain practical experience.
Chirag Yadav
Chirag YadavIntern
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Although my tenure at WIF was brief due to academic commitments, it was an incredibly valuable and enjoyable experience. Working on real-world projects for the first time provided me with hands-on experience and insight into the practical workings of a professional environment. It was a great opportunity to learn and grow, and I am grateful for the chance to contribute to WIF.

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